Even experts can make mistakes

Extensive damage to shop flooring, bespoke fittings and products, no longer fit for sale.  

An underground pipe unexpectedly burst in the early hours of the morning, causing a surge of water to flood through multiple shopping outlets including our client’s premises. Their shop was closed for two days while staff swept the water away and removed sodden content items. Their priority being to reopen their business as soon as possible.

It was clear that the costs were in excess of £100,000. Insurers appointed a loss adjuster who reported back that the damage was caused by water discharging, or leaking, from an automatic sprinkler system. This was excluded under the policy, so on this basis the insurer repudiated the claim.

Without Qlaims Insurance their claim may have ended there.  Under our policy, Qlaims offers to review declined (applicable) claims. Upon examination on the information, Qlaims identified that the offending pipe was actually 3 meters from the shop exterior and 1.5 metres below ground. It was in fact an escape of water from a ruptured third-party water source and not their sprinkler system.

The Outcome

Insurers accepted our challenge, and the new loss adjuster appointed agreed with our assessment. Both client and broker were delighted with the outcome. The loss was substantial to the business and their profits would have been significantly compromised to meet the repairs and replacements needed. Insurers too were appreciative of our clear and factual report, making their decision to overturn the repudiation straightforward to process.

Satisfied Client

“When you buy insurance, you hope never to have to claim. When my claim was repudiated, I was stunned. I couldn’t understand why. Qlaims stepped in, my adjuster was amazing. It was such a relief when she turned the decision around, taking the worry and stress away from myself and my staff.”