QlaimsTech for
the intermediary

QlaimsTech is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qlaims and provides a range of Insurtech solutions to improve the customer claim journey.

In the event of any loss, our “live-video streaming” platform​ enables the intermediary to get the claim underway immediately by sending their Customer a text message within which is a hyperlink connecting the claimant to our Qlaimstech platform.

This converts their smart phone into a one-time video streaming camera that will capture live footage of the loss enabling the claim process to get underway immediately and assuring the customer that ‘things are happening’.

No more waiting for days for a claim form or response from an insurance company. This is claims management for the 21st century. It removes cost, shortens the claims process and anchors the customer through the provision of first class, stress free claims management. It is the way forward.

As part of our on-boarding process, any Broker, MGA or Insurer selling Qlaims insurance will be given access to our Qlaimstech “live-video” streaming platform.