Direct Video Streaming
I want someone here today, now!

Now possible, our voice and video streaming software enables Insurers to communicate directly with the claimant via a smart phone or other mobile device. The Qlaims video stream allows the Insurer to see the extent of the damage on day one whilst recording the scene of the loss, the claim process can be started immediately. The insurer can offer advice on loss mitigation, interim payments and start planning for alternative accommodation or trading premises.

All from your desk - how it works...

You enter the claimant’s phone number or email address via the Qlaimstream website or desktop interface. An SMS message or email is sent to the customer asking them to download and install the Qlaims App (available from the applicable App Store) and they are ready to go in seconds. You then direct the live stream via the two-way audio.

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For the purposes of reserving, you can take smartphone pictures of the affected area(s) you need measured and upload them using our simple web flow. Our computer-vision platform analyses the pictures and takes the appropriate measurements.

Footage and pictures can also be saved and retrieved via the secure data storage locker that is allocated to you. The data storage is controlled solely by you.

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