Benefits for the intermediary


In good hands

Rest assured, your customers couldn’t be in better hands. Qlaims was started by a claim advocacy expert who worked on commercial claims around the globe and pioneered loss recovery insurance in the UK in the mid-1980s. All of our Qlaims Adjusters are FCA-registered and only engaged on client advocacy, removing the chance of conflicts of interest.


Focus on what matters

By acting as your feet on the ground, we’ll cut your claim workload and costs, leaving you free to focus on core activities, renewals and new business.


Get in the know

Log in to our secure Qlaimstrak Portal and get the latest on a claim’s progress – live, 24/7 and clear as day. No more guesswork. And once you’re using Qlaimstrak regularly it will be able to provide you with a wide range of invaluable management information on your customers’ claims and cycle times.

Exceed expectations

Your customers expect a lot… and we deliver more. Great claim outcomes are just the start of it. Our hands-on, dedicated service puts customers first, which means they come away more than happy and ready to recommend your business.

Keep customers

It’s much easier to keep existing clients than find new ones. And there’s no better way of retaining customers than providing them with superlative service and a great claim outcome


Boost the bottom line

Win two ways: earn commission from the sale of Qlaims Insurance and cut operational costs using our video-streaming platform. We’ll show you how.


Get ahead of the game

Our mission is clear: to reinvent traditional insurance by developing and sourcing Insurtech solutions that can transform the customer claims journey. Don’t get left behind: make us your claims digital partner.


Get in touch

If you’d like to know more about what Qlaims can do for brokers and other intermediaries, get in touch. We’re on 0203 927 7410, or drop us a line