Your Claimant needs
help and advice quickly​

We get you to them within minutes of FNOL

See instantly what your client sees

Designed with claims professionals, brokers, and surveyors in mind, QlaimStream gives you immediate eyes on the ground, enabling you to give advice and support to your clients. QlaimStream empowers you to engage in interactive, mobile-to-mobile visual support sessions. With the click of a button, your client can share their environment through a live video stream and receive immediate assistance. 

Using QlaimStream you can see and guide your client with local and remote controls including:

  • Capture and save HD photos
  • Pause video and draw on screen
  • Remote flashlight activation for better visibility
  • Remote zoom for clarity and understanding
  • Collect details of supporting paperwork such as invoices and product numbers

Also available as additional services are

  • Optical character recognition
  • Multi-party video calls
  • Integration to your ad
  • Video file storage


  • Connects to smartphone or tablet
  • Save time, travel and expenses
  • Shown to increase client satisfaction
  • Extends and enhances your claim proposition
  • Reduces fraud with its geo-location
  • Option of browser-based video-streaming – no app required
  • Monthly licence or ‘pay per stream’ options available

Video assessment of claims and risk surveys is proven technology and being increasingly widely used by the leading insurers and loss adjusters. QlaimStream gives you affordable access to market leading software.

Improve your service performance and customer experience

Get triage and loss mitigation underway immediately

I had no idea the insurance industry could react so quickly.

Business owner, Southport