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Want to join our Qlaims Team?

Join our Qlaims Team and become a Responder, a member of our independent contractor smartphone network who capture on-demand live video streams, and photos for insurance Loss Adjusters and other insurance professionals. You have flexibility in when and where you work. This sort of work is not suitable for those needing regular, guaranteed work. We are unable to offer regular shifts or guarantee a certain number of hours each week. You are free to accept or decline work from us, at will. All Qlaims Team members will be required to provide evidence of their right to work in the UK and, for health and safety reasons, that they are at least 18. Due to the nature of our work, we will also need to undertake a background check.

If your application is successful, we will ask you to attend an induction course at one of our centres around the country. The Qlaims Responder course lasts for two hours during which you will be given a background to insurance and insurance claims, social skills when dealing with distressed individuals and full use of the software.

Whatever your stage of life – whether you are already working part-time, retired, a student or home-maker, you could become a member of our Qlaims team. Our work will suit you if you are looking for a flexible, interesting activity that pays generously and fits around other commitments – all within a local working radius.

What's involved

  1. Download our DropIn App onto your smart phone from either the Apple Store or Google Play and set the slide bar to Droperator.
  2. Set the mileage radius in which you wish to work and when a request comes in press ACCEPT.
  3. You will then receive turn by turn instructions to the address of the claim
  4. When you are at the loss address, introduce yourself to the policyholder and the press stream - you will then be in touch with the insurance professionals who will guide you to capture the footage they require.
  5. Once the streaming is completed we will transfer money directly into your bank account within a few short hours – simple as that.